From nature to nature…



… Cellophane shaving protects and enhances fruit and vegetables in a natural way!
Taste is priceless!
... unsuitable packaging can affect the quality of your products ...  Protect it!!!!
… and much more by freeing your immagination!

…Precious things have to be kept safe!



Minimal volume, maximal performance!
Our shredding material’s packaging has the same height of a bottle of water, but with it you can make lots of packaging.
… Only in Italy from Cellophane come flowers …
The use of colored cellophane in the posies created with the confetti of Sulmona is an example of how quality can be transformed into art.
… and much more by freeing your imagination!
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What is Cellophane?

Cellophane or Cellofan is a thin transparent film made up of cellulose hydrate.

It was invented in 1908 by Jacques Edwin Brandenberger (1872-1954), a Swiss chemical engineer who joined the words "cellulose" and "diaphanous" thus emphasizing the properties of the film in terms of transparency.

  Attenzione: Non è un gioco, e non deve essere fatto da minori.

The industrial production of Cellophane began around 1920 and until the advent of plastics in the 40’s was the first and only transparent material for packaging, so tha’s why in common parlance the term "Cellophane" is loosely used to mean any transparent packaging.

In order to clarify the misunderstanding, we have produced this simple video that shows how to distinguish Cellophane (product made from wood pulp supplied from managed plantations) from other products that come from plastic.